Travel and Transport Ultramar
Corporate travel continues to grow ever more complex and unnervingly unpredictable. That's why Travel and Transport Ultramar's combination of high-touch, white glove service, unparalleled technology solutions and program optimization for continual improvement is the choice of industry leaders and travel experts for their own managed travel programs. Travel and Transport Ultramar's close to the client relationships make us the perfect virtual travel companion for all our clients' travel needs.

As part of the largest ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) in the Travel space, our clients benefit from dealing with a workforce in which every employee is a highly motivated owner.

The Company

Piloted by an Executive Team whose experience is unmatched in the industry, Travel and Transport Ultramar works with a veritable "who's who" of business leaders, across many industry sectors, to provide a one-stop solution that leverages best-in-market global sourcing, service and data consolidation.

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The Philosophy

When we say we're "the smartest travel between points", we're not just referring to any particular set of geographic points A and B on a map. We mean that we're the smartest path to getting you to those points of success that will meet and exceed those corporate objectives you've mapped out for your organization's Managed Travel Program.

At its core, Travel and Transport Ultramar's philosophy is to consistently deliver the finest collection of services in a manner that lets our clients know and feel that we are on their side. This means that every service we deliver is "thoughtful" service wherein our clients know that they are heard and that our commitment is to meeting and exceeding their travel needs and expectations at every point along the travel continuum.

Global Reach

Travel and Transport Ultramar is a 43% equity partner and North America's largest member of Radius Travel. The Radius network of member agencies is made up of 37,000 travel professionals in over 3,300 locations in 80 markets worldwide. Radius manages over $30 Billion in annual travel spend through its network of best-in-market local agencies - people who understand the language, culture, and all that is distinctive about their market. 

For regional and global programs, Radius provides consolidated data management and other centralized services and ensures the delivery of unsurpassed local service and support through Radius members in each of your markets. 

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IndustriesTravel and Transport Ultramar's unique combination of industry-leading technology, unparalleled high-touch service offerings and program optimization for continual improvement reaches across multiple industries to deliver exceptionally satisfying travel experiences for the traveler and strong, measurable cost-savings to the organization.

  • General
  • Law
  • Fashion
  • Finance
ImageTravel and Transport Ultramar provides custom-tailored, fully managed travel programs for its discerning clientele across a wide variety of industry sectors including Healthcare/Pharma, Manufacturing, Education and Entertainment and enjoys exceptional penetration in the areas of Law, Finance/Private Equity and Fashion/Retail. Travel and Transport Ultramar is known for its blend of cutting-edge technology and unmatched, high-touch customer service.
ImageTravel and Transport Ultramar serves many of the Am Law Top 100 firms and has exceptional expertise and understanding of the culture and unique demands of this sector and its travelers. An example of this is Travel and Transport Ultramar's development of the industry's first Legal recruiting application, its proprietary, patented RecruitSync.

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ImageFrom airport runway to couture runway Travel and Transport Ultramar custom designs its travel programs with the same attention to detail that is expected by the world's leading Fashion houses. Travel and Transport Ultramar's global reach provides best local in-country solutions and up to the minute market information for all the various traveler populations, from store carpenter to the VVIP designer.
ImageFrom its proprietary CFO dashboard to its consolidated global data reporting and comprehensive benchmarking, Travel and Transport Ultramar provides its Financial clients with the sharp, analytic tools they need to get the absolute most out of their managed travel programs. Travel and Transport Ultramar's flexibility and nimbleness allows us to respond quickly and globally to the evolution of our client's businesses.

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  • Privileged Relationships
  • Air
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  • Car
Our privileged relationships allow us to offer our customers special negotiated pricing, free upgrades, special access, added assistance & other value-added amenities. See the tabs above for specific brand partnerships.
Air - Our privileged Air relationships allows us to offer our customers special negotiated pricing, upgrades & other soft dollar amenities.Image
Hotel - Our privileged Hotel relationships provide exclusive rates & amenities (including guaranteed upgrades at time of booking, last room-availability, gym access, free wifi & meal credits, among others) in addition to exceptional property assistance in times of need.

Car - Our privileged Car relationships provides a variety of value-added features including double upgrades, unlimited miles, free memberships, free rental day certificates and free Sirius Radio service.Image
Management Team
With over 69 years of experience, Travel and Transport Ultramar specializes in developing "just-the-right" custom program for each of its prestigious clientele. Travel and Transport Ultramar continually benchmarks against best practices to ensure their clients receive a world-class program with continual improvement. Travel and Transport Ultramar's management team leverages their combined industry expertise, strategic oversight and the best analytical tools to ensure their clients agree that Travel and Transport Ultramar delivers "the smartest travel between points".

Barbara Yarar

Vice President Operations & Officer

"I enjoy harnessing the knowledge and passion of my team and aiding them in achieving continued success with their teams and customers -- and having fun along the way."

Since Barbara first joined the executive team at Travel and Transport Ultramar almost fifteen years ago, she has done a lot to contribute to the Company's impressive track-record of providing a superior experience to its sophisticated and demanding clients.

Responsible for all of Travel and Transport Ultramar's travel centers and satellite offices nationwide, Barbara is quite proud of the operational growth she has achieved (20+% year-over-year) while maintaining exceptional levels of customer service.

When a new client comes on board, Barbara adeptly assesses the client's individual needs and corporate culture and then assigns the perfect team of agents. By having all Travel and Transport Ultramar agents undergo continuous training, placing the emphasis on standards and procedures, she ensures that Travel and Transport Ultramar is proud of even its newest team member.

During her tenure at Travel and Transport Ultramar, Barbara has successfully designed and implemented a cloud-based call routing solution across the company -- no small feat -- and is continually looking to create opportunities for internal development resulting in promoting star performers into leadership roles.

Prior to joining Travel and Transport Ultramar, Barbara was the Director of Operations at TQ3 Travel Solutions where she managed $220 million in global account revenues, including TQ3's Northeast Region offices, and also oversaw key offices in Ohio, Indiana, and California. Barbara's commitment to quality and outstanding customer service was recognized with the company's "Best of 2001" and "Peak Performers" awards. Prior to TQ3, she held top management positions at both Rosenbluth International and Maritz, Inc.

Her 25+ years of travel business management experience is an asset to Travel and Transport Ultramar's executive team and the company as a whole. Each day, she ensures that Travel and Transport Ultramar provides its clients with the finest highly-responsive, high-touch service from our teams of expert agents.

"I enjoy working in a creative and innovative environment with a culture of trust, respect, and integrity."